Here's What's New in the iOS 17 Weather App

Apple in iOS 17 has introduced a number of changes across its stock apps, including the Weather app. With the update, there are some minor changes to the functionality and design of the app.

ios 17 weather app moon
The biggest update is an option to see yesterday's weather in the 10-day forecast. In iOS 16, you can only view the current day and the next 10 days, but in ‌iOS 17‌, you can view current day, the next 10 days, and the weather from the previous day.

ios 17 yesterday weather
10-day forecasts show the chance of rain each day and offer a "daily summary" instead of a forecast.

The main Weather interface has been updated with large "My Location" text for the weather forecast in at your current location, with the city underneath. In ‌iOS 16‌, it simply said the city, which could be confusing when navigating through multiple saved cities.

Some of the weather modules have been relocated, with rain and hourly forecasts shown first. News and alerts are shown lower in the app, and there is a new "Averages" weather module that displays how the current temperature deviates from the historical average on that day.

ios 17 weather averages
Apple has added a moon module that shows the current status of the moon, the time until the next full moon, moonset and moonrise times, and a moon calendar, plus the wind speed module is a larger size that shows information on gust speed at a glance. The wind module also displays a daily comparison and a wind scale.

ios 17 moon position
Daily comparisons are included for UV index, humidity, the "Feels Like" index, and visibility, and there are options to change units for wind speed, precipitation, pressure, and distance.

Apple does not appear to have made any changes to the data that is used for the Weather app, despite complaints of its inaccuracy following the incorporation of the Dark Sky app.

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orbital~debris Avatar
5 days ago at 02:39 pm
As a person affected by seasonal allergies, I'd find it really useful if Apple would add pollen-count data, forecasts, allergen 'season' info etc. to Weather.
Could also integrate with Health for symptoms.
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redbeard331 Avatar
5 days ago at 02:27 pm
I know that moon was new, too bad they didn’t update the radar.
Score: 9 Votes (Like | Disagree)
siddavis Avatar
5 days ago at 05:05 pm
Hopefully they improve its actual function and accuracy. It has been horrendous for say the last 2 months in my area. Example: 0% chance of rain and it’s pouring outside
Score: 7 Votes (Like | Disagree)
surfzen21 Avatar
5 days ago at 03:23 pm

really? for those who sleep all day and missed out on an entire day? I fail to understand the benefit of that so please educate me
I would find that useful TBH. It would better see or help predict specific trends for surfing or kitesurfing. Wind prediction can be very off so being able to see what they predicted yesterday and what actually occurred would be nice.

Understanding how the over, or under predicted wind, from a low pressure or thermals due to temps would be welcome.

As of now Accuweather over predicts southerly winds and Weather Channel under predicts them. Both are widely off when it comes to north or west wind gusts behind a front. Matching that to the low that moved through or the air temp vs water temp for thermal behavior would be a big help.

Being able to see the pressure differential in a low that moved through and how the wind reacted would go a long way in prediction models.

Would this mean anything for most people. Probably not, but it would for me and anyone who likes to surf, kitesurf etc and actually does their own data analysis vs looking at Surfline.
Score: 6 Votes (Like | Disagree)
eifelbube Avatar
5 days ago at 04:50 pm

really? for those who sleep all day and missed out on an entire day? I fail to understand the benefit of that so please educate me
No, yesterday‘s weather is for those who did not take off their VisionPro for the last 24 hours …
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LandoTheLost Avatar
5 days ago at 02:34 pm
The best thing Apple could do to improve the weather app would be to just dust off the old DarkSky .ipa and change the name.
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