Video: Trying the Apple Vision Pro Headset

MacRumors videographer Dan Barbera is in Cupertino this week to attend WWDC on behalf of the site, and today, he was given an opportunity to try the Apple Vision Pro in person.

Dan is one of the first people who has been able to test the headset, as Apple is only providing these demos to select people who were able to attend the keynote event.

While Apple did not allow filming of the headset and the usage experience, Dan did a video to recount his thoughts on what it was like and to answer questions from MacRumors readers and viewers.

Make sure to watch the video to get Dan's full overview of what it was like using Apple's new wearable for the first time.

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blicked Avatar
6 days ago at 10:14 am
Not gonna watch a video - can we just get a proper article on this summarizing his takeaways?
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TheYayAreaLiving ?️ Avatar
6 days ago at 10:31 am
After watching this video… this is exactly how I feel.

A Tech Party in 2024 and you walk in without your Apple Vision Pro. ?

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vegetassj4 Avatar
6 days ago at 10:32 am
Neck, before and after using headset for 6 months:

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mystery hill Avatar
6 days ago at 10:21 am

MR, that keeps leaking Apple secrets, got a press pass? :oops:
Where do you think the leaks come from?

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spazzcat Avatar
6 days ago at 10:34 am

People look so ridiculous wearing these AR/VR headsets. I've tried a few of them and I couldn't get past it. I guess I'm not a fan of wearing goggles unless I am skiing or underwater. I'm surprised most people's narcissism will allow it, but then again it's all about being glued to a screen or screens and avoiding reality nowadays.
People said the same thing about AirPods, and now no one even bats an eye at someone wearing them. First-gen will be a little bucky, but in a few years, this tech will be simply amazing. Apple, once again, isn't the first to the game but seems to have gotten it right.
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spazzcat Avatar
6 days ago at 10:35 am

After watching this video… this is exactly how I feel.

A Tech Party in 2024 and you walk in without your Apple Vision Pro. ?

In five years these comments are going to be great to go back and read just like the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods ones are...
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